COVID-19 update

  • Mar 17, 2020

Updated Monday 11th May

11.05.2020 - As the UK cautiously exits lockdown, the first stage of relaxed measures does allow for golf to be played. However at this stage only golf played on your own or with up to 3 other members of your own household is deemed safe. 

There are also a number of other measures in place to ensure that the return to playing our beloved game is done as safely as possible. A full guide surrounding safe play in England can be found using the link below and selecting 'Playing the Game framework'.

At this moment in time, travel into the UK is not permitted. It seems that once travel to the UK is reinstated then anyone entering the country shall be subject to a 14 day quarantine. 

We also wish to reassure golfers that the golf clubs and accommodation providers are doing everything in their power to be as flexible as possible during this difficult period. Part of this includes looking forward to better times. Most golf club and accommodation providers have now opened their calendars for 2021 to allow for both existing bookings to be rescheduled, and for those who are searching for something positive to look forward to, new bookings are of course being accepted. 

Until normality does return, please respect the advice of your local health authority so that we can get through this awful time as safely and as swiftly as possible. 


Is it possible to postpone my trip?

We aim to be as flexible as possible so that we can still allow as many golfers to experience the golf that they have booked. 


If you would prefer to delay your trip then please let us know. Given the current circumstances we are happy to look for alternative dates for your trip, or even postpone the trip indefinitely until more certain times. 


We will attempt to deal with your request as quickly as possible, however please do bear with us as again, we must prioritise imminent bookings. 



Will I be charged for any alterations to my booking?

No, there will be no charges for any alterations made to trips prior to the balance being paid. 


After the balance is paid then we cannot guarantee that charges will not apply to any cancellations or amendments. These must be assessed on a case by case basis as we realise that either travel advice or travel restrictions which are out of our control may be implemented or altered at any point. Please contact us immediately should the advice for your local area change significantly.


As a result of this, we are looking to increase flexibility surrounding balance payments. See below. 



Is my balance still due as agreed?

At this stage, yes, all balance due dates remain as stated on your completed itinerary. However, due to the current exceptional circumstances, we are reviewing the situation with our vendors. 


As standard all balances are due one month prior to arrival. Though we are looking to amend this due date to 10 days prior to arrival, allowing greater flexibility for our clients. We are aware of how much of a difference that three weeks could make in the current climate. 


Please check this page regularly for any updates as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to update each individual group as this matter progresses.